Which Midi Controller? Possibly Android App?

I’m thinking about some sort of midi controller, mainly just so I can twiddle a few knobs and sliders in vsts for automation effects so I don’t need anything fancy at all - something with 4 knobs/sliders would really suffice at the moment. Not sure if there is anything that simple on the market? Doubtless I will get more fancy at some point but that will certainly do me for now.

As I was thinking about this I started wondering if there were any android apps that you could use as a midi-controller and turns out there are a few. Has anyone used an android app as a midi controller for VSTs in renoise? Do they work ok? Recommendations?

For the record I have never used any midi devices in renoise before so I totally green in this area and know nothing about what is involved in getting them set up.

Akai mini is nice for that. It never fails me.

I would recommend the Korg NanoKontrol2 (or - Pad/Key)… it is reliable and cheap. Though there are a lot of alternatives in the market; I would go to a website of a big music store and look under the category controllers.

The akai mini is a bit full on for my needs right now, although I can certainly see that as a potential future upgrade.

The NanoKontrol 2 looks like it fits the bill, great price too.

I’ve seen that there’s a few android apps that might do what I want too so going to check them out first (once my phone is back from repair). I do most of my production on my laptop in the front room once the kids have gone to bed at the moment so a minimal setup is important. If I can use existing kit that I always carry around with me, even better!

If the android doesn’t work out I’ll go for the NanoKontrol 2.

Cheers for the replies

Impulse got the better of me when I found a second-hand nankontrol 2 going cheap on ebay!

Still want to investigate the android option as well.