Which Plastic (working with sets of 10's and 5's)

There kinda/sorta is an FM modulation in Renoise, under the distortion setting called “Fold”, but it’s not subtle, and not really FM. Sounds fun, though!


I really somehow like the tempo division with all the clicks and bass drum. The valse piano gives it a special touch. Not that I would listen to this type of music everyday, this still is a nice production.

The mix is done pretty decent. Even more use of the Gate effect and longer silences to create even more silence between the notes would enhance this music more.

I enjoyed, somehow, listening to this weird drum and click pattern.

It’s a little short, that may be good. Could become too much weirdness with a longer time.


Thanks, EatMe! Well, it’s not a finished track, but a track that I begun working on last night. After about 2 hours, that’s what I came up with. I do agree, the silences could/should be longer and I will adjust for that. In fact, I believe I can add/remove a fair amount of parts to make this a longer piece rather quickly. I’ll take your advice -