Which soundcard prefered with Renoise?

I am about to purchase a new soundcard. Does anyone know
what soundcard to buy for use with Renoise?
I’ve been thinking of the new SB Audigy 2 or one of the better
cards from Terratec.

Guess the most important criteria are:

  • Sound quality
  • CPU usage
  • Latency
  • ASIO support

I’ve read that the Audigy 2 card doesn’t play realtime in
44.1 Khz mode. Guess this is a weak point.
What about the Terratec cards? Do they overcome this

  • Jeano / TRS

i’ve 2 cards sb-live & terratec ewx24/96 … i only use the ewx for Renoise and other music-related work coz the sound of the ewx is more powerful and natural …
latencies are really small with the ewx and asio is includet

but there are a lot of other sound-cards with asio etc.

Take a look at this thread
[http://www.dachiphop.com/~renoise/index.ph...t=ST&f=3&t=1564](http:// this-link-is-no-more-valid?act=ST&f=3&t=1564)

I suggest you take a closer look at the m-audio delta series. If you want a cheap card the M-Audio Audiophile 24/96 is a very good card!

I’m also a happy EWX24/96 user. Works great! - Low latencies, up to 48khz. It has 2x2 tulip-plugs: Two for input, two for output. Good card IMO! :)