Which Washing Up Liquid Do You Use?

it’s just whenever i dip my hands in ‘eco liquid’, after i’ve finnished, my hands feel horrible like all wrinkly, even if it’s just 2 minutes.


I use the Fairy Clean & Care with aloe vera. Other stuff is too harsh and really irritates my skin.


You could also simply use some rubber gloves.


my mom uses ajax, so i use ajax

Earth’s Choice.

I’ve got a dishwasher, baybeeee

Ivory liquid soap although that’s getting harder to find around here.

KY Jelly of course

ReWash 1.9

Simple solution…
Use gloves :)

There is nothing else than Fairy in the field of Washing Up Business.

This thread is great! I use anything that’s apple-scented; even though my hands are quite soft, they can take a few minutes of being soaked. But the apple scent really does it for me.

I stay away from lavender – it’s just too weird for a wash up-liquid.

I use the cheapest stuff. .49 Cent from a store called McGeiz (McStingy)


I have a dishwasher for most things but for big pots and pans, it’s apple-scented Dawn. I believe they’ve perfected the apple scent. I have fond memories of doing dishes with the subtance in the dorms my first year of college while listening to the first disc of Drukqs on headphones.

I work for a detergent manufacturing company so I use whatever I can get for a big discount. Usually Kirkland brand.


So nobody else has a dishwasher? I must be 3133+3 … Only problem is, my oven broke the other day :(

i’ve got a dishwasher too. i throw everything directly into it.

I have one, but you still have to do a little manual labour from time to time.

lol is concentrated-beatslicer in the ingredients?

No, that’s ReWuss 1.9 ;)

i use Johnson’s baby powder, keeps skin silky soft, fresh & comfortable.