While Waiting For The Linux Version...

I’ve been diving headfirst into aldrin…

I was commissioned to do some short electronic pieces for a forthcoming game, and during the writing and such, I got got rid of windows and loaded linux. I had originally told the guy, ‘Hey, it’s not happening…you’ve got the tracks I’ve done so far…find someone else’…but then I found Aldrin…and It’s making me quite happy. It’s already earning a place in my heart… (cheese line, i Know…)

At any rate…thought I would show some comparisons of what can be done between the two as well as some basic spec comparisons for those who are as brave as I to venture off into the penguin woods…

FT2-Based Interface
Various Built In FX
Linear Effects chaining + Sends Effects
VST Support for Synths and external effects
Sample Editor
Simple Arranger
Midi Support
ASIO Support

Buzz-Based Interface
Various Built In FX & Synths
Modular Effects Routing
Support for LADSPA Effects (preliminary at the moment)
Machine-based Arranger allowing both Instrument & Effects their own tracks to be staggered
Built in FreeSound sample browser
Midi Support
Jack Support

So here’s work-in-progress and finished tunes for the game. The first 2 are ReNoise, the second 3 are Aldrin so you can judge for yourself their strengths and weaknesses. With Aldrin, I used only built in effects and instruments while in ReNoise I took advantage of VST usage.


http://hseiken.mynoisebleeds.com/hs-gayisthewaytest2.mp3 <–work in progress/sketch
http://hseiken.mynoisebleeds.com/hs-aliencomfortssofar.mp3 <–work in progress

Again, if you’re will to take the chance and make a plunge to linux hoping for that magical day when ReNoise will be ported, you’ll be rest assured at least there’s SOMETHING you can use… :)

Have fun!


Very interesting!

But currently I’m dualbooting, Windows is audioapps-exlusive (NO network, NO games) and Lnx is for the fun. :)

What sound card are you using?

If you’re having trouble with Jack, that’s because the current ‘stable’ build availble on the homepage doesn’t support jack…it’s coming up within a week or two to .12 (using pre-release svn version)…

But my soundcard is just the motherboard integrated crap on my Acer Travelmate 2450. Ubuntu didn’t like it originally, but after I recompiled the alsa drivers by hand then installed them, Jack worked just fine for anything, both in OSS and ALSA modes.

I’m not running the realtime kernal, either…will probably upgrade to that shortly once I gain some more confidence in this OS…I’ve used windows for years, so all that experience makes me cocky…having used linux less than 4 months makes me weary to do anything outrageous.

And just as important, well for me at least: Which distro are you using? I tried Buzz under wine - crashed too often. Downloaded aldrin, but couldn’t use it because of a python-lib that was wrong in connection with ubuntu.

Last time I was there I couldn’t see that anything had happened, but if it’s fixed now, I might try again. Won’t leave Renoise, though…

There’s normal debian packages and ubuntu packages…try the normal debian packages.

If you want, I have packages built two days ago (i.e. newer than .11) you may use to try it out.

GIMMEAPILL is starting a project to build easy install versions of aldrin on a semi-day by day basis so you don’t need to compile svn repositories…i.e. just click a few links and you’re good to go.

So far, his packages have worked like a charm for me (currently using the ubuntu packages he built just 2 days ago).

If he finds hosting for them, I’ll pass a link here to them becuase the newest builds put .11 to MAJOR shame…

also, that ‘bug’ you pointed out was within the aldrin launch script…
if you want to try .11, do this (it’s easy cause I’ll take you step by step)…

Here they are in order:

Open a terminal.
Type 'sudo gedit /usr/bin/aldrin

This should open up gedit with the aldrin launch script.

Edit the first line by adding 2.4 with no spaces after the last character (should be ‘python’)

Save and exit.

If you do not have python2.4 loaded on your computer, use synaptic package manager to load it up…takes a minute or two.

If you have python 2.4 loaded,

then simply run aldrin.

Again, though, the latest builds seriously put it to shame…there’s 2 new synths with 3 new effects currently being added as of this typing, keyjazz, better midi support, workflow enhancements (i.e. adding patterns from arranger view), etc… .11 is just a taste of where it’s going (and where it currently is!).

pm me if you want more help.

I was SO close last time! 2.4 away from running Aldrin. Those three keystrokes was all that was missing. Amazing. Two numbers and a dot is probably the only reason I am now using Renoise (and XP).

If you could email me the latest build at kyrremg (gnat) gmail com, I will give it another go.