Who Is She (wip)


Very classic dnb sounds, strings and bass are nice, but the beat does not fit on some occasions.
Also too short.

finish it

1.17 is too feckin short! Also, either you intended it to sound like this or taking the piss(?) regarding the beatwork :slight_smile: but, indeed maybe you need to finish this first!

Thanks Cie & Syflom, Respect!
Jonas, heh nuh man wasn’t taking the piss, or at least i didn’t think i was. seein how some stuff would work together. was mainly going for the scattered & heavy + organic & aethereal.

in order to finish it, i have to do some deep searching or spend a bit for the vox. it’s a good vox.

I think you need to replace your amen break, its badly cut, and its going out of time. This could be because there may be a short bit of silence at the beginning of it which can be easily cut out in the sample editor.
The intro is good, but the short snippets of silence between samples really pull you out of the mood. Try wacking a bit of reverb on them to smooth out the endings.
The ending is simply a means of the beginning, DnB lends itself to repetition. You only need to start all over again but just vary the arrangement slightly.
I look forward to future installments of this, as it’s the basis to a nice liquid track.

i think the amen is cut right, i was stopping it right before the next hit to try an see if i could get some added emphasis on that next hit, at the time it sounded right, i agree with you. i’ll try inserting reverb into an area like that bit when i try it again.

here is the latest:

i made it a little longer, added some crunching & a water drop, added another break, scorpio. i’s off in the begining. tightened the amen a little but most of it is still the same. add a filter on the pad instrument, i got a pop in the begining i can’t get out. started seeing about eqing the bass so it doesnt interfere with the rs-amen like it is.

comments welcome. :)

the XRNS from ^ above: