Who Made This Mod?

I dunno, I’ve just loved this for years, even recorded it to a casette back when I actually used that crap and listened to it on my paper route. Orchestral stuff, ring any bells???

Download it, listen, lemme know! I’ts small… :)

Kindom Sky from Jason/Oxygen, Enigma. I think?

Sagosen!! Unbelivable you listened to that one, too!
I loved this mod, too and I’ve been wondering who made it, also!
Hey, dude, I’ve got another one from that guy. A happy ACME-like one (it’s defenately NOT Skaven this time ;) ) So if you want it, let me know!
Hey, thank you Rick for the answer!

Edit: the other one I’ve got is E-45554.XM
Edit2: http://members.iinet.net.au/~jchong/archiv…es/2004_01.html

hehe i liked that two tunes too. i think they were on the bundle cd of my terratec majestro 16/96 soundcard, in the ft2 directory :)

Marc, that’s right. ;)
I owed me the CD from a friend who newly got the Terratec and plus:
The FT2-directory was the beginning of my tracker-life.

I also loved this MOD.
let’s me think of ‘Sven Väth - Once more…’ From the album ‘Contact’.

yea, that cd was the beginning of my pc-tracker existance too. i knew of fasttracker before, but had no modem, and the only person i knew who had it, didn’t want to give it to me for unknown reasons :-/

I listened to that mod years ago!! :)

muahahahaa, damn you guys…this track sucks sooooooooooo much… reminds me of that stupid game…mmmmm…WARCRAFT! mahahaahhaah brainlezzz…

but seriously,
one that use to rock my world now and then is guest release for great legendary total eclipse group from Sunsquid, track called

hollow illusion

take a hit out ov that lil brown bottle on my shaving kit…
…and that´s how it works, viiiiiibrations!!!

he is from sweden (mayby somebody know him) , sent some e-mail to him and talked some shit ectect seem to be really really nice guy but look like that he have lil bit lost his tracks… :D
but ye…that´s the one…sorry for disturbing your nice conversation.

goforgoa&domegaPEACE! robert

“All energy flows according to the winds of the great magnet. What a fool I was to defy them.”


Nice detective work, gilli! :D

Ah, I’ve got plenty more tunes I wanna get sorted out, 'specially a tune called Stormat.mod which more or less made me wanna USE ft2 way back when!

I remember Total Eclipse, some of the psytrance mods are quite good! The best came from Onyx Trance, tho. Madhatter (dblue), emolient, martyn etc etc… Huge files too! :D


As a small treat, enjoy this FINE example by Madhatter; Generica part 2 (part 3 is 10 meg… Phoar!)

omg …this song is so PHAT !!!

ty a lot for the XM.



Y’know, I didn’t like this xm! Dunno, just didn’t please my ears much…

the author of that “kingdom sky” tune is called jase, not jason, btw ;)

i remember him winning one of these hornet music contests with this .xm back in the good ol’ days of 1996-1997.

funny thing i found some of my samples in that tune…
but well he gave credits, so i guess i won’t punish him ;)

it´s just all about respecting…i guess, haven´t heard your songs…

I used to rip, main, mangle and steal lotsa samples back when XM still was big… Even ripped you a couple of times, Keith… :rolleyes:Oh, and here’s an XM made by a friend of mine, totally zapping your Into The Unknown, quite a good take too, might I add!!

Still do if I get the chance! Only back then I didn’t release most anything… Crediting IS a nice thing to do anyways! Gots ta do wif respec…

Oh, and speaking of respect, I remember this one Dj Whatshisunoriginalname who RIPPED A WHOLE TUNE (s3m called Another Rave In Paradise 3, DAMN fine track if uncomplete), and didn’t even bother to change the name!! FT2 had less space for song title, so it came out “Another Song In Paradi”…

Now that’s BEYOND lameness!! Even had one of my own tunes ripped… :rolleyes:

A friend of mine copied some of the more famous protracker songs (at the time) to a tape, played it for his music teacher saying he composed them and got the highest grade. Now that’s high moral :)

That’s the biggest lame ass mutherfukking thing a man can do!
Stealing music from others saying that “I HAVE MADE THIS”, looking as proud as a young child whiping his ass for the first time himself.

Yeah I know… He didn’t even know what a tracker was, just copied some songs from a friend.

woa. that’s how i got my hands on ft2, too, back then (although the majestro belonged to my friend); i had only seen st3 and (some wierd app which created mtm files) at that time. and a tracker with 16bit support and a built-in game totally kicked me.
those were the days…

Hum, I got FT2 off a friend, who got it off a friend, etc… Dunno where this started. :P