Who Made This Mod?

I think it was FT 2.06 which was on the TerraTec CD.
Did anyone ever have FT 2.07 ? If so, I must have missed it. Because after 2.06 I had 2.08 and 2.09. Right now I think maybe I just didn’t care about 2.07 until 2.08 came with WAV-out support.

I don’t think, there was a FT2.07 public release, because AFAIK Triton changed so much that the program refused to run anymore…

Oh how I miss those GravisUltra-days… I still have the GUS but I never got it running under Windows…

i still have my gravis, too; there are win2000 drivers, but they’re like ver. 0.3 and can only be found on wierd pay-to-download driver-archives (and i bet after downloading one willl only find japanese hentai or something liek that in the archive :) )

word! :)

What’s the big deal with GUS? Never tried it before… I remember I once were a this party with a compo, playing on GUS, and it had a 1 meg limit, which totally f****ed up many of the songs slightly above the limit…

i remenber, in ft2 gus was the best choice
because hardware mixing in ft2 i think no?
so good sound and less cpu consuming also no?
so better choice for demo maker no???

it was a long time ago…

The coolest Thing about the GUS was that it was able to mix the Channels in its own Hardware and so you could work with 16bit 44kHz-Samples on 32 channels with a small 486 SX 25.

Another Pro-GUS-Point was the best General-Midi-Sound ever existed. And the third and best point was, that this card was absolutely easy to program. Most 90s-Demos used the GUS, because programming this card was too easy. You did not have to write your own mixing routines, because the GUS made everything.

Later, Gravis created the GUS-Professional with an AMD-CPU for mixing and 16 MB RAM… This card also worked under Windoze…