Who Made This Song?

Fuck the show… who made this track? Parts sound almost AFXy. Track name maybe? I likes.


I have no idea, the first resemblance i noticed was Rubber Johny:
That was an MTV commercial clip as well. I bet that was what you were aiming at?

well it kinda reminds me of jackson and his computer band.

Not quite, I just want that track in that video. That and any other tracks that the artist made.

They made a rubber johnny commercial on mtv? Really? Wow…

I’m sorry, i forgot to add a word and actually i should have rephrased the sentence better:
“That was used in an MTV commercial clip as well”

It’s not… I would have known if it was ;)

I think it’s just a random tune maker.

Damn, I was hoping I could score a name. Thanks anyway.

I think it’s just a random tune maker.
There’s still hope :P

True true.