Who Used / Is Still Using An Amiga?

Had an amiga 500 and later an amiga 1200. Mostly for playing games,
but also octamed and protracker. Remember games like agony, shadow of the beast, swiv, stardust, project x, the chaos engine, alien breed, turrican, etz?
Great stuff. Some months ago i bought myself an amiga cd32 from ebay. Mostly for nostalgic reasons :) I’ve also been enjoying my amiga-emulator (kickstart 3.1) a lot during the last months and thinking of redesigning my pc-tower to a red-coloured amiga-style one. Also, i sample a lot of stuff from amiga-games.

Yes, i’m addicted to amiga :P

My first Amiga was an Amiga 500 which was purchased originally for games in mind.

I had sold my Commodore 128D to a friend who was going off to college and needed a computer with a printer so I sold him everything. Unfortunately it caught fire shortly after (ROFL). I did no such tampering to take credit for.

Anyways, I started to use the Amiga 500 with a program called NASP which allowed you to assign various samples to the F keys. It was very crude, but it started getting me into music making

I then moved on to using Audiomaster and Audition 4 and using the sequence feature. I was digitizing with an AMAS sampler.

My first tracker was DSS (Digital Sound Studio) on the Amiga and I made well over a hundred songs with this particular program and then moved on to Octamed for years.

I loved the ability to use midi with Octamed and used it along with an Alesis SR16 drum machine I had purchased.

Too cool. By this time I was using this software with an Amiga 2000 and 80 meg hard drive.

Years later while thinking I was quite possibly one of the last diehard Amiga owners I purchased a Pentium 75 mhz and used Fast Tracker, Cakewalk (old ass version), etc.

Oh, and the DB50XG was such a sweet bit of hardware.

Ha, just discovered www.amigakit.com recently… guess I will get myself a good old A1200 - but with a few extras built in. :yeah:

I would love to get my hands on an Amiga 1200. I browse ebay from time to time, but most of the 1200s I come across seem to be sold from europe and it’s hard to find someone to ship here to the states and truthfully I would rather avoid the shipping.

I caught the tail end of the Commodore reign. I had Amiga 500+ from 1994, upgraded to 2mb RAM for ray-tracing (Imagine). Took literally days to render stuff, only to find the picture wasn’t quite right, or something, lol, so you tweaked it and rendered it again, and again, ad infinitum…

Originally used MED to make music, which crashed every time you moved the mouse, lol, so I used keys for a short while until I found I needed Relokick to turn the A500+ into an A500. Then I upgraded to OctaMED anyway.

I had an 8-bit sampler which plugged into the serial port so I could record a synth or external audio into it. The sound quality was dreadful, of course. :D Only had four other sample disks to supplement it.

Played a few games on it, too. Most notably The Settlers (v1), god I spent weeks/months on that game when I was supposed to be doing college homework/revising, buahaha. Also Monkey Island, Speedball II, Lotus Turbo Challenge II & III, Cannon Fodder, Kick Off II, to mention a few favourites.

Used to absolutely adore the Amiga. It was so forward-thinking, and transparent. Even now, there are certain things about PCs that I think are backward. I liked the fact you had a RAM disk you could access on Workbench. But mainly I loved the way you didn’t necessarily need to load up Workbench to use a piece of software. - Programs/games were auto-executing, which allowed you to dedicate all system resources to the program in hand. No need to load up Windows shit every time. Microsoft Windows is a big, quadrupley f**** off, majorly phat ass, SLUG.

Used the Amiga until I went to University in '98. Tis now sitting in a box in the loft.

The Commodore company were twats in the end. What a waste.

i am, ive got A1200 and A500… i like protracker the most, really oldschool feeling anytime i use it…

i had A600 from 92-97 with Protracker on it. Nothing else. Just A600, tonns of floppy disks (no HD at all), mouse, old stereo TV set with big "22 screen =)

it was one of the best systems i ever used.

funny i started creating music at the age of 10 on amiga!! now im 23 (almost 24)

on an amiga 500 with i though it was called “game music maker” or something… shortly after it i continued my 4 channel tracks :D on protracker 3.15 …

after amiga 500 i also got a amiga 1200 with 120MB harddisk… i didnt like it 2 much tho except for AGA (i could play the game morph) but most of the old games didnt work good anymore…

ill never forget amiga … its simply the best computer before pc existed … nowadays games and stuff are not that creative/original anymore… if you look at those oldskool graphics… drawn pictures its amazing… and demos. for example fairlight - 242 which has a nice techno kind of soundtrack :yeah:

i dont own an amiga anymore… i spent my days on pc with renoise… and winuae with roms and adf games :rolleyes:

Game music creator perhaps? :)


I’m always fascinated how small the screens are when looking at old amiga screenshots :)

Do u remember the game -SUPER STARDUST- for A1200 ?
Soundtrack was really awesome!

GMC yes that one :D funny…

super stardust hmmm dunno… i will look it up…

anyway i also like those cracktro’s intro’s of games i had in the past… some has really nice chipmusic … do you know the game “arabian nights” … it has a funny song i made a rapremix of it … well only the beat part :) maybe ill post it here someday…

Yeah i played (i have one) ARABIAN NIGHT…nice game imho…
There is only one game n.1 for me - CHAOS ENGINE.

Team17 ruled my world in the days of the amiga. Project X, Alien Breed, Worms, Super from and many more absolute gems of games :D

Chaos Enginer was good though…

TEAM 17 and BITMAP BROTHERS are my fav devteams!
Allister Brimble is an awesome music composer!!! His game soundtracks was always awesome!!!

^^ guest = me (forgot to login)…

anyway i remember many gamebrands of the past…

core (jaguar xj220, wolfchild)
psygnosis (lemmings)
magnetic fields (lotus turbo challenge)
titus (titus the fox)
virgin (lure of the tempress)
delphine (flashback, another world)
accolade (test drive)
US Gold

Ocean was nice only on Amiga platform…on pc nad consoles Ocean was suck.

Yeah Psygnosis did some wicked games. Also some of the best games out on the first playstation, at least within it’s first eyar or so.

I believe Ocean was publishing, not developing, so doesn’t really count…

I like the Ocean loader tune on the good ol’ 64 :) (which Instant Remedy has made a remix of by the way).

Accolade’s Test drive… man, that were the days. It was not really fun in any way, but I still played it for hours :) Then there was a “hidden” feature that if you held the joystick button it automatically turned for you. But most interesting was that if you accellerated up to too high rpm’s, the windshield broke :D

man, i think i’m gonna fetch my amiga and play some speedball and/or shufflepuck cafe now. :D

…first…there was menace…now…psygnosis presents… a DMA design game… YEAH, YEAH… “the biggest unanswered question is: where is the money?”… blood money was awesome. :)