Whobrokemybeats? Tour E.p. (12inch) Out Now!

*Soon at the usual distributions,
but you can already order him by messaging me!! (pm or myspace)

1a Deformer - Who broke my beats?
2a Atiq & Enk - Kaiskakunin
1b Benefit of the boomerang - Leviticus 26
2b Charly Linch - Neushoorn van noach
3b Pornologic - (-;


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nice work

Yeah, nice work! And it’s not even breakcore!

first 100 copies are served with free baguette du camembert

just 500 copies, so be quick in ordering!


Uh, it’s the large black thing with grooves in it. :P It’s not compatible with my MP3 player. :(

  1. buy
  2. put it on your fathers turntable
  3. output to your computer
  4. record with an audio-edit program
  5. convert to mp3


Yup good music takes some work… :rolleyes:

Duh! :w00t:

Sorry, should have stayed a little more on-topic :P

it just got more official :P

Mindtrick Records – Who Broke My Beats Tour EP

When six Dutch artists joined forces on the “Who Broke My Beats Tour”,
they have delivered their interpretation of altered beats throughout the
country, from Rotterdam, to The Hague, Dordrecht, Oss… Deformer,
Atiq & Enk, Benefit of the Boomerang, Charly Linch and Pornologic have
proven their status as being unique and progressive in sound and
intense and energetic in performance.

Now these artists have combined their output onto this 12” Tour EP, as a
statement that music cannot be chucked inside a box called genre. A
showroom of what contemporary underground dancemusic has to offer,
a challenging listen and a must for every spicy dancefloor with enough
variety to keep its footsoldiers interested.

Mindtrick Records choose to represent the soulfull beats and basses of
the Who Broke My Beats Crew.

C’est le talent de faire de la musique de final boss pour la vrai vie.

hmm I wish I was on that vinyl… maybe one day I’ll get to that level of awesomeness.

Oh, btw, the link that should lead to Prodigal Son’s myspace links to Aaron Spectre instead…

I know Aaron Spectre is uber 1337, however Prodigal Son deserves his link to myspace ;)

I noticed that too!

I’ll tell mister mindtrick

Almost sold out by now, so if you had any doubts about picking this one up…
JUST DO IT! Or else you might have to soulseek it

I’d like a copy! hey BotB can you hook me up with one, my hands are filled with album work atm and I don’t want to miss this! …k? I’ll get you a copy of mine as well once it’s finished.

VA-Who_Broke_My_Beats-(Mindtrick_Records)-Vinyl-2008-BOSS anyone?

j/k ;)