Why does milkytracker tuning default to relative note F-6, finetune -28?

Im trying to get the same exact tuning to A4-440Hz with the monowave and sq80 single cycle samples, which I can get in renoise, inside milkytracker.

It doesnt seem to be possible. Renoise tuning gives me an exact 440Hz for all the waveforms but milkytracker tuning will not. Maybe the finetune in milkytracker is less precise or something?

I wonder why milkytracker tuning defaults to relative note F6, finetune -28?

Does anyone know why this is the default? seems a strange choice.

Not sure about the standard tuning thing. Must be some sweet spot sample length that will be in tune with the default tuning for a single cycle waveform loop.

About the finetune: I think renoise uses 128 “cent” steps per semitone, maybe milkytracker uses 100? You could divide the renoise finetune by 128 and multiply by 100 to try to compensate…

I think you are right, number of ‘cents’ in the finetune must be the cause of the discrepancies in tuning these waveforms (they are all 256 samples in length).

Milkytracker finetune goes from -128 to +127, whereas Renoise finetune goes from -127 to +127. This may account for the slight differences in tuning these waveforms.

In renoise a perfect A440 can be made with transpose +30, finetune -5, but in milkytracker it doesnt seem to be possible to get that absolutely perfect, stable 440Hz.Thats according to GTUNE when playing milkytracker through the input device into renoise anyway.

I really have no idea why milkytracker relative note defaults to F6.
Perhaps tuning to F6 is advantageous in some way with milkytracker’s tuning system.
In any case I will have to tune to A4-440Hz.
Its only slightly out, plus or minus 1 cent or something.

I think you can still load xm into renoise so I may be able to write a tune then just retune in renoise later

I’m pretty sure it’s due to something related to the soundtracker frequency table (using integers only), but I’m not sure of the exact reason why. It probably has something to do with calculations :slight_smile:

I believe there is a thread on pouet about it. If it can’t be found, bubsy on #milkytracker@ircnet should be able to answer.

I wonder why milkytracker tuning defaults to relative note F6, finetune -28?

It’s trying to adjust the middle-C frequency to match the sample’s playback frequency (44.1kHz I guess?) as close as it can. Since sampling frequencies in XM are based on note number (0…95), relative note number and a finetune (-128…127) value, the end result will often not have enough precision to match the original sampling rate of the sample. Some other tracker formats have a middle-C frequency setting in Hz for every sample, which solves this tuning issue. Unfortunately, .XM does not.

This is my understanding of it, and if I’m using wrong terms and what not, feel free to correct me.

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