Why Does My Computer Smell So Bad?

Had the same in my car :) Although that was a cat :)

wtf!? :blink:

so this rat, a young & impressionable rat, governed by ideas of ‘a new realm harnessing infinite possiblities of cheese’, driven by the lust of everlasting cheese the rat went in search of this an broke his way in through the pci port coupling, ‘grew up’ while searching… mid life crisis set in an the rat realized all the stories musta been false. then gave up when it realized it was too big to get out, settled on a final place to die, an then shorted out the ethernet card while decomposing an started a fire?
this Had to have happened in Pakistan or India!!

oh shit trepain, is that your computer?

we have mice and i don’t use a chassis on my compy, hope that never happens to me :(

:blink: I would be freaked out if I discovered something like that. Is it really your computer?

damn… poor little mouse :(

never have more than one mouse on your computer, or it can burn out!

funny IT-Alien :D

jeez i’m fried, lets get outta here and find some shade.



I shouldn’t even reply to this and bump it to the top, as I’d rather not see The Mouse Of Grill again, but I can’t help myself! Hehe…

Anyway, freaky is the word! I have my stationary in my (only) room, and if I found a mouse there… In the same room as I sleep… Man oh maaan!!!