Why Does The Files Are Stereo...

Hi all,

I want to mix my first (assumed) song so I’ve exported all its tracks and get them back in Ardour.

The fact is that I don’t understand why all the exported tracks are stereo : in Renoise, only a few of them were, and I wonder how Renoise does to convert input mono tracks (like the five Hi Hats tracks of the song for example) into output stereo tracks… What happen to the audio signal ?

I find nothing about it in the tutorials.

Thanks !

I don’t know how Renoise works internally obviously cause i don’t make it but i would assume this
If a sample is MONO then the tracks pan control in the mixer is a true pan
If a sample is stereo then that same control will now become a balance instead of a pan
So output will always be stereo

I’m not sure if you can output MONO tracks when rendering but if your pan is centered then it is easy enough to strip one channel out and convert to mono in any audio editor


When you convert a mono into stereo the mono signal gets doubled equally on both stereo channels.
AFAIK all tracks in Renoise are stereo tracks.

This is actually a bit of a pet peeve of mine, since it’s incredibly wasteful both in terms of processing time and disk space. One suggestion would be to have the ability to instantiate a channel as either mono or stereo–at least for VSTs and AUs, we should be able to utilize mono versions.

In the meantime, I’m pretty sure there are some programs that can un-interleave stereo files (Pro Tools always splits to dual mono). Perhaps at the very least a button to submix each channel to mono? Just a thought.

Well, even if the samples you use in each track might be mono, you might/could pan them, put on a stereo-reverb or do something else to it that will render difference between left and right channel. That’s probably one of the reasons that they are stereo.

+1! and hey, I don’t see why you shouldn’t be able to use stereo samples/VSTi on them, they’d simply be mixed down to mono right at the beginning of the DSP chain… ? also, the “panning” automation would have kick in at the end of the dsp chain, instead of at the beginning… this way you could simply toggle a track between stereo/mono without requiring any changes to anything else (well, besides from the VST effects you’re using maybe, but that can hardly be avoided)

+1 me too likes! the delay dsp device drives me nuts setting both individually.

That might be the reason. I’ll try to check it by exporting a track containing a mono sound and no DSP effects.

And yeah, +1 for the suggestion

I have another question:

I know ardour and really like it, but I’m curious about why you’re exporting and mixing in ardour. If you really mean mixing I can’t really think of anything ardour does that renoise doesn’t…