Why Does The Sample Editor(Sampler) In Renoise Sounds Soo Good?

why does the sample editor(sampler) in Renoise sounds soo good? I’ve been sampling my RS7000 for shnitz and giggles. The sampler is REnoise sounds soooo clear and warm… Maybe it’s just me or the fact that I’m really really high on this Renoise sequencer. I’ve used Sampler from Ableton Live 6.0 and I notice that it’s hissy and it sounds like there’s a pillow in front of my speakers… Again maybe it’s just me… Why does the sampler in REnoise very clear sounding? or they are all the same and I’m the crazy one…

i guess its becouse of 24 bit and cubic interpolation when u play it live in renoise…its kinda smooth some problemes with yr samples…maybe i am wrong

you are both just high on renoise still.

not necessarily a bad thing :ph34r:

simon v compared some samplers (including renoise) in the past. maybe this will help you: http://www.simonv.com/tutorials/quality.php

i think thats rendered stuff though,… it says “offline winners”.

Well, if you redo the test on Renoise, the result probably differs with the result back then. I believe someone has redone the tests a while ago and found out.