Why Does Time Stretch Is So Difficult?

I really don t know how hard is software programming :P

But why does 'good" time stretching is so hard to implement in a software?? the only good stretch i ve heard is in protool and in ableton.
Why is it like that?

One of the best algorithms for timestretching and/or pitchshifting i ever heard has
Celemony Melodyne
They cooperate with Ueberschall and created lot of ‘liquid’ instruments based on Celemony’s engine, such a ‘Liquid Sax’, ‘Liquid Guitar’, ‘Liquid Bass’, ‘Liquid Vocal’ and etc.

it would be awesome if you could implement this effect someday…

ah? for different imput it s differents algorithm?

of course when you think about it you can imagine that a snare can’t be stretched in the same way as a violin… we can make a comblination between a gate and a stretcher: the loud shoots will not be stretched and the low ambiance will be :P ok i m stupid :P

I read that time streching was one of the dreams of Pierre Henry in the early 60’s (and for sure of all the concrete music research)

Does time stretching and real time pitch shifting is the same work?

Maybe the best solution is to accelerate a lot, so that relativity effects kick in and seemingly slow down (the not moving) Renoise?

Unfortunately, running around in your room bursting with excitement over the latest beta will not quite be fast enough. It would be a lot of effort, but if you want genuine timestretching there is no other way.

Now that’s just silly!


09XX works nice for short samples, though… with some side effects…

Doesn’t Melodyne do vocoding? I’m not sure myself since I used it just a couple of times many years ago. But to me it sounded like vocoding (?).