Why Is Renoise Limited To 0-F For Pattern Commands?

So, do you want to mess around with calculators to make music?

And We have a hex<>dec converter tool :P That’s actually quite convenient.

I doubt that. I’ve had no problem teaching Renoise to people, apart from the one single thing with the hexadecimal numbers. These were users who basically knows how to operate a web browser and a word processor, and I could easily teach them to input notes and add samples and VST instruments. They do not think it’s convenient to use a converter or a calculator, they just wonder why it just isn’t normal numbers. I’m making conclusions from experience.

Well it would be best if there was some internal renoise converter. If some one want to put values in decimal i think he should have such choice. I mean its just a view.

It’s not just about converting the numbers from hexa decimal to decimal (which isn’t quite difficult to be honest) in my opinion.

If we have decimal numbers it would expand the possibilites for the effect column which would be a great improvement imo.

i think that inputting numeric values in hex is quite fine (since i’ve gotten used to it i guess lol)

when it comes to the names of the commands then i think hex values works but imo: mnemonics > 00 to 0E.

would be easier to remember AR or AP for arpeggio, PS for pitch slide and CV for channel volume etc and the commands doesn’t really, to my knowledge, have any logical “order” so assigning them to hex numbers doesn’t really help.

+100 for mnemonics instead of hex!
Funny thing about them is that even though they’re written as text they can become more symbol-like when command is recognized by Renoise. Imagine color coded (MIDI, sample fx, global fx etc) little squares with shorthand text inside. Same goes for values, they could have background color showing the current range and click+drag would change that value and show it graphically (easy for tweaking while playing or for drawing automation or whatever). This would essentially combine keyboard input with visual, easy-to-comprehend overview.

Quick mockup (value bars could be combined with numbers or shown optionally instead of them, last “cc” command is being typed, so it looks like ordinary before it turns to semi-symbolic):

I’m little biased against plain symbols as when there are plenty of them it becomes a chore to recognize them from each other without additional labels. That’s why mnemonics are the way of the future!

+10 for decimal numbers. I’m constantly using only 80,40,20 or some such values, missing all the nice variations because it’s easier to type those.

I really don’t see the problem of learning a bit of hexadecimal. I mean, it is only counting after all…it’s not like you’re being asked to do matrix algebra ;)

I don’t understand some comments of people trying to make Renoise much more ‘easier’; maybe it’s not the right choice of DAW for them. It is in a language that is easy to understand, it’s just a case of clearing ones mind, reading the tutorials, watching the utoob vids and taking gentle steps. It is complicated and can seem confusing but practising and perseverance will yield great results

Have you ever taught anyone to count (I’m hoping for pre-schoolers here and not fully-grown adults… :))? It takes the ‘student’ repeated practise to remember ‘one…two…etc’

Count paving stones in hex. Pace out your beats. Embrace the challenge

To me, Renoise is a puzzle and I’m liking ‘unlocking’ new features from reading forum posts, experimentation and happy accidents; Personally, for me, if anyone wants decimals, sliders or symbols, it’s no great shakes for me; just make sure that there is a checkbox to turn all the schmoltz off ;)


I think it’s a great idea. And maybe the input field could expand itself and the width of the track as you type, so for instance you could type “V75 AR375 P25” (Volume=75% Arpeggio=375 Panning=25%) all in one go without having to open a new FX column.

What about typing +1 instead of 91 in the volume column (pitchslide up), and -1 instead of A1? Maybe remove the HEX completely there and add an extra char so that you can write +99 and just typing 50 would set the volume to 50% and 100 is 100%… but then there’s a char missing so you can’t write +100, but that doesnt make sense anyway?

What I personally like about Renoise is that it’s fast and efficient to work with, not the fact that some things are slow to do. While I understand extra hoops and steep learning curve may bring certain sense of exclusiveness to Renoise, it’s not something I rate higher than speed of my workflow (marketing-wise it may make sense). Writing simple hex is fast but reading it is painfully slow compared to graphical representation which shows relations both to previous and next values.

Hex and limited amount of fx were useful in the 90s but for me they feel unnecessarily tedious now, an extra hoop to jump through.

edit: of course any visual overlays/sliders should be switchable on/off

I’m not sure how exactly how it will expand the possibilities, though I’m all for the idea to make it friendly.

Even with an internal hex<->dec converter, it’s extremely unintuitive. With optional hex/dec modes, non-computer people will get their needs satisfied too, and I’ll finally stop having to explain the whole concept of hexadecimal numbers for people I teach renoise to.

This is a good point.