Why Not Making A Renoise Label !?

Ok Here is what i think, I think we should start a renoise label. Maybe by an official competition/collaboration on a given music style (Techno, Ambient, Drum and bass, ect…) a compilation of user submission that renoise member could vote on to make THE best compilation of the given style.

Here is why i think we should do it :

  • The compilation could be posted on bandcamp or even physical disc could be sold and all profits could go to the renoise team so it could generate more profit for there awesome work. I am sure that even renoise member would buy it just for support the team !

  • It would give a good renoise publicity around the globe, giving at the same time a look of what this software can offer !

  • It will give to participant a good way to be known !


Though I think Suva has been busy with other things lately

Thanks Jenoki i already know remixta but this is an independant project i meant a official/community project that could give a little boost to the devs !

This project would produce more loss than profit. Specially considering Renoise is German company and GEMA is not really supportive of such endeavors. I tried to put together a compilation once, but I didn’t get enough tracks of similar nature to get things rolling, plus I accidentally found out that one of the tracks sent to me was made by a copyright society member which would have at least quadrupled my expenses for the release, which demotivated me a little.

But either way, music release is a lot of work and usually gives more loss than profits. Renoise staff is very busy with other tasks and can’t really afford to put this work into it. Renoise is commercial, not an open source project, and so far can support itself without charity.

maybe a net label?

GEMA really sucks, even major record companies like Sony consider it a pain in the ass, because GEMA blocks promotional music videos of signed artists on Youtube.
But on the other hand, your musical rights are pretty well protected in Germany.

Unless your song is all rhythm and no melody…

To the OP, if you want to start a netlabel, go for it…

Just using Renoise is not enough quality control for any kind of label imo.