Why Not Rewire?

So what is the reason renoise doesn’t support rewire?

Is it that Propellerhead Software dpn’t want to support renoise in this or something ele?

really missing this in this program :(

Afterall, the best tracker software ever seen/heard!! :walkman:

I thought I remembered reading something on this thread about Propellerheads only making it available to companies fully registered through particular routes, which Renoise currently didn’t, thus not making it possible as things lie at the moment. Couldn’t find the exact reference on browsing though, but you may find the thread of interest. Lot about possibilities of Renoise as a VSTi and Rewire issues.

Buy an extra computer and sync it via midi/midi2lan :P

I belive the most basic reason for it not being implemented (yet), is that not enough registered users voted for that option in the latest survey.

I don`t need it.

i don’t need it, i need a record function for wav’s.

There is only one Logic Reason why:
Renoise ain’t Reason

Just thought I’d add to this… the means to actually read the license agreement already set in concrete by propellerheads requires the developers of any product (and it needs to be commerical, not shareware) to provide all of their information first, and then propellerheads decides whether it’s worth their while. To me, this sounds like a painful experience, and discredits the use of the word ‘free’ which they stamp all over their sdk.

they sound more like politicians then music software devs. i guess we know now why the sound in reason isnt up to par!!!

Amen to that…

There are ways to hook the two up although it would be all unholy matrimony frankenstien style.