Why O Why has renoise gone crap>??

I have updated to V1.26 & V1.261 and re-installed from scratch and still got 100% cpu usage and crap sound, the track only have 2 tracks running!!

What has happend??? it used to be so fast and sound so great, Something is seriously wrong now boyz!!

V1.2 was far better then this!!!

Was 1.25 running ok with your setup ? We use a new compiler for the releases since 1.25 wich generates specialized code for each processor. Maybe something went wrong there. What CPU do you have ?

AMD Thunderbird 1.3Ghz
256Mb Ram


Please drop me a mail (cant see your real email in this forum) and I will send you some testbuilds to see what the problem is.

ok cheers!

Hi guys, I discovered exactly the same problem with a mobile AMD Athlon XP 1500+. with 256 Mb memory. Whenever i try to play Parsec’s beatbattle entry my renoise locks up to 100% CPU usage. With other songs I don’t encounter this problem.

I hope this information give some hint as in which direction to look (remove the Parsec filter :D)