Why Women Live Longer Than Men

just some fun…
Why women live longer than men



but it doesnt prove why women live longer than men…

Well, at least it proves that some men with their manly manly attitude live shorter. :rolleyes:

yeah, some of those deserve to die.
actually, I once lived in a house where an electician was living too, and while he was connecting my electric oven I had some smalltalk with him.
he told me that in his company he is like the only one that whenever he gets a electrical blast goes to a hospital and goes through the suggested procedure for that case (sleeping in a hospital for three days, having the heart-rhytm monitored all the time).
all his co-workers simply deny that and go for the “I am a man and I can take it” approach, and while about 5 of his co-workers died in the past 20 years, the other simply dont acknowledge the fact …

and there i was thinking trained electricians knew all the tricks how to avoid getting electrocuted… or maybe they get a kick out of it?

The first lesson I had when I started to study electrical science, was the teacher burning up a hot dog with electricoty. Then he said “this will be you if you don’t follow the safety rules”


LOL :lol:

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Well, I’m a vegetarian so no big loss :D

ofcourse they try to avoid it, but as he said it does happen from time to time … like if you do something for years, there will be a mistake of some sort after a while. I mean, you test you chances there everyday.

hm well i guess people just get sloppy and uncareful if they do the same kind of things for years…
but still i think a certain ‘professional’ care in one’s actions is one of those things that make a professional. :mellow: