When I add a default flanger and play and stop immediately, after a short period of time a delay comes out of Renoise. Flanger settings affect it somehow, but not completely remove it, at least not always. Should it be that way? I think not.

Just wondering.

i have to noticed that it starts to delay (few ticks) if you set flanger delay smalller something like 1.00 ms…and this bug? was already in 1.281

In fact it does it even with longer delay, but is definetly stronger with delays 1 or less.

When I posted this message I had just used flanger with delay 1.72 and it delayed like it should not, like already mentioned.

mine works fine unless i hit something like ~1.00ms delays or shorter…

What? Suddenly I cannot reproduce it.

Needs some study I see.

e: Two things seem to affect it:

  1. Short delay times.
  2. great LFO time. (e:changed from ampolitude to time, which is correct)
    Also if you stop the playback too soon the delay won’t have time to sound, and the delay time depens on the delay time. But it is there.

mayby it has something to do with tempo? don´t know…it´s kind ov cool, you don´t need external delay any more

ps. vastaa puhelimees

Well, might be that too. Gotta check it out.
e:Found no correlation between tempo and the thing, but it totally messes up my bongo loop.

ps. zorge oli äänetön, soit.

I’ve become intimate with this glitch. It is sensitive to the feedback and amount parameters, obviously worse if you have more agressive settings. 1ms is usually ‘safe’. I find it doesn’t ‘peak out’ if you put the delay no smaller than 0.7 - but if you use less feedback and amount then you can squeeze the delay lower to 0.6 or 0.5 without the glitch.

I’ve got other flange vsts and they do not suffer the same glitch - you can set the delay to up to (but not including) 0ms without any glitch.

hehe, sometimes I’ve written Renoise songs that actually depend on that glitch! But I agree it should be fixed…

Oh yeah?

I have had 1.3ms delay and still it has took place, I jsut need to crank up the amplitude slider. (something like 80% should surely do the trick)

e: Ohwell, I made a bug report out of it. out.Check it out.

Haven’t tried the flanger in renoise yet, but flangers by their very nature have delays integrated into them, as that’s how they produce their effect - ie. by modulating delay times.

If you have a high feedback ratio and a very low (small) delay-time then it is going to twang a bit.

Yep of course, but try out the native flanger, you see what I mean.

Here’s a pic, and a result as wav. Only flanger used, played, then stopped.


I was having a problem with the native Flange dsp giving me soft static, hissing or crackling under any setting. The part about feedback clued me in and I rearranged the DSP order (moving the flange up the chain (left) for less feedback) and it fixed my static. :w00t:

:D :walkman: ;)

Good old times. B) oh how long have we come from here!

was that stray delay supposed to have been fixed? because I still get it from time to time… with low delay values on the native flanger

The issue is that it is still a glitch.

I think I want to start pushing for the native effects to be improved a little. I have particular beef with (other than the flange glitch) the phase issues with the band EQs, and a phase/delay issue with the compressor.

I don’t touch the native EQs anymore as a result. On some older samples the amount of phase distortion is yuck. Plug in the same settings on a good quality parametric and it’s pure smoothness.

The comp is usuable in the root chain (and a nice savage comp it is too), but once used in a send with wet/dry % then you can hear the ugliness.

I mean, I’m at the stage in my composing where I really go for great third party plugs, irrespective of cpu or cost, but surely we should be providing beginners with simple quality effects?