Wich Way 2 Pay?

Hi guys,

I wanna buy Renoise so much!
But Im all confused about this paymethod.

I don’t have a creditcard.

Paypal? what the f**** is paypal?

I just want to send the money from my bankaccount to their bank-account.
And did someone said 2 me that they have a dutch-account as well?

or do I need this one?
CHECK by US, CAD or UK checks or International Money Orders

In what country do you live?

Holland mate… da Netherlands…

But it’s not possible 2 transfer money to their bank-account?
… I want Renoise 1.5… :(

Get a free paypal account… Paypal has a dutch bank account so you can banktransfer to that and it’ll show on your paypal account in a few days so you can buy Renoise.

so I’ll just go 2 paypal.com and sign up… well I’ll give that a try. Thanks!

Do I have 2 put money on my Paypal account?

I don’t understand one f****in thing about that PayPal thing…
Got an account now? Still I have to give a Creditcard or Debicard number…

Well no Renoise for me then… :angry:

yep, sorry mate.
but my english is not so good, and I don’t want make a mistake like transfer money 2 tha wrong account…

Im gonna look at it again…and again… ;)

okay I activated my dutch-bankaccount in PayPal, but still in the order thing from Renoise I get, fill in your Creditcard-number?
Doesn’t make sense…

I was about 2 send 49 euro’s 2 my PayPal account.
But I’ll send him an email 1st 2 be sure that the creditcard thing will not show up when I got money on my account… If ya know what I mean… (well, I don’t :D )

You don’t need a creditcard. I also registered with paypal and I don’t have a creditcard (and I’m Dutch).

Thing is, you can only send money and not recieve anything with your paypal account and that’s probably somewhat confusing. But since you’ll only use paypal to buy Renoise it doesn’t matter…

Seriously, you’ll only have to check the Dutch bankaccount of paypal. Transfer the money to it (of course with the right “kenmerk” which is also given).

After a few days the money is on your paypal account and you can buy renoise… it won’t ask for your creditcard.

well if you say so, im gonna try it.
Bantai & Blaster thanks for your help, without you none of me would be possible.

Just wait for the next posts if the money is on my PayPal-account. :D


YEEESS!!! Peeps,
Thanks 4 all ya help!

I’ve got Renoise 1.5!!
The Paypal-system works very well, ones you’ve got money on it ;)

This Morning my dreams did come thru…
Can’t wait for the finished version… since I’m a registered user now :w00t: