Wikipedia On Renoise

I recently updated the article on Renoise in Wikipedia (german version), and also completed the german Gravis Ultrasound-Article.

Come on: Let’s bring our favourite tool to EN-Wikipedia, FI-Wikipedia, IT and of course Svenska-Wiki, too :)

Yes! I’ve recently become sooo addicted to Wikipedia, and why not focus that addiction on Renoise?

I’ll work on the EN this week: we should get some help from a few of the public devs like Vv, Bantai and Itty. It needs more words, pictures, links, and less about bloody Ventian bloody Snares. :lol: Only kidding ;)


Ok, added a little bit in the EN version. Marc: can you tell us if we can add any more info from your DE edition?

This will be great to work on through the week at work… :D

Well, I added some stuff about basic tracking… The difference between eighth-notes, half-notes and how you could get this in Renoise. Then I also included some information about patterns, tracks and rows.

I also compared renoise with an automatic piano (those with this paper where there are holes made to make the piano play the paper) :)

I mentioned that Renoise has it’s own sampler which included ADSR-curves and some onboard effects.

I guess, this gfx should be included somewhere to show how the keyboard is mapped to be like a piano

Yep cool… Still learning how to edit things, I’ll figure a of getting that gfx in there…

I’ve done a heap more editing on the EN one:

Inserting GFX is no problem, but uploading them without registering at wikipedia seems not possible…

Hmm. Nice addons you wrote Foo?