Will future Renoise versions support WinXP after its EOL?

I don’t typically run XP, but as someone who knows many people who do, I am curious whether Renoise devs will either:

  1. Continue to support XP, or
  2. Drop support in favor of developing for more modern, relevant operating systems.

Additionally, what, if any, advantages would there be for the codebase by dropping active support of the WinXP platform?

Edit: On second thought, the beta forum might be a bad place for this question. Moderators are welcome to move this to a better location.

Windows is actually the least pain in the ass to support when it comes to changing OS versions. We don’t have to do anything special to continue supporting XP, nor is there anything about XP that’s holding us back in any way. I suspect that Renoise will run just fine on XP for many, many years to come, assuming that people still continue to use XP for such a long time.

great question. Well answered. and thank god for that answer. Just dont go making renoise require a touch screen or gestures and we should be good :)