Will Renoise Run On This?

Interesting, the caption down the bottom says it all:


I wonder if I can get one on ebay?


Priceless!!! Ahahahahhaha!!! :D

Yeah, nice try, but the picture is touched.

How can u tell?
It’s a very old picture.

“With teletype interface and the Fortran language, the computer will be easy to use”

i also think it looks touched,the different elements of the picture just don’t seem to fit together in their apperance, it looks so much like copy 'n paste…
also that keyboard/printer thingy looks like star trek technology compared to the other things in the pic.
and what is that huge wheelhandle for???

oh… i understand… the huge background panel with that wheelhandle is not part of the homecomputer. pity!
me stupid.

It may be that the pasted keyboard is the thing they speak about, and the control-center behind it belongs to a totally different newsitem.

It’s very obvious that the keyboard is pasted onto the standard as it is not neatly fastened and on the other hand fits in a bit too seemlessly into the standard.

I imagine they turned that wheel to come up with such a specific date…

Now that I look again, and am AWAKE I see some edges slightly too sharp. :) But it’s still a funny picture, and concidering how people always have had current technology limitations in mind when thinking about the future, even 50 years into the future, this picture is by far unrealistic!

Agreed. I have to admit when I saw it I was floored. Yeah it certainly is a cut and paste job. The old guy cracks me up though :lol:

But I think back then they had no idea that we’d be using hardware/software we’re using today.

Imagine that old guy writing some badass darkstep using his wheel.





Okay, musicvideo of the night: The Avalances - Frontier Psychiatry!

saw that at kvr: