Will Renoise Work On This?


i couldnt resist to write another thread topic with the same as the one with the steering wheel, but this one is real!

man ever since seeing this, from a post to a link to a link from, here i have been dreaming of running renoise on this :w00t:

and the best thing is…it would it could and once i have 5.5 G’s to throw at it, it will!

Yeah, pretty cool :)

Too bad i don’t have extra 6000 $ to spend… :(

It’s silly. It’s just a PC built into a keyboard with some controllers attached. You can build something like that yourself. It’s running Windows XP I believe so Renoise isn’t a problem.

“spend more, have less”

the viceversa could be a good ReNoise slogan :)

i guess your right

i should keep my aquired information to myself

It’s not so interesting for the studio but great for portability and live gigs i reckon.

However I wonder how upgradeble the underlying hardware is. If it’s bad, in few years you’ll have a useless piece of junk with builed-in keyboard and some knobs on your desk <_<

the specs page was somewhat comprehensive.
it being expandable to 8 gigs of ram certainly is insightfull toward the future.
anyway i didnt think everyone would be so cynical towards it or i would not have posted it.
its true 5.5 g’s is quite abit for something like that… but the sheer idea alone makes for something worth talking about,but apparently not here.

so in the future i will be sure not to post the strange and new controllers i find.