Will there be support for Retina Macbook Pro screen?

My demo of Renoise looks muddy on my Retina Macbook. Will there be an update addressing this? I figure it’s pointless to not focus on releasing one, as most computer manufacturers will make computers with the same screen resolution sooner rather than later.

sorry just an uneducated question. do you know if logic or ableton supporting retinas?

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Renoise 2.8.1 has been altered to address issues with the screen resolutions of the Retina like Apple suggested. If that is not good enough, i guess this would need to be addressed at Apple’s support desk…
[http://forum.renoise.com/index.php?/topic/35473-fixed-281-osx-32bit-improperly-scaled-display-on-retina-displays/](http://forum.renoise.com/index.php?/topic/35473-fixed-281-osx-32bit-improperly-scaled-display-on-retina-displays/page p 276150 hl retina fromsearch 1#entry276150)

Still trouble when downsizing. Happened after sleep.

Well i can see it didnt take care of the muddiness which is mostly caused by the pixelated font IMO.
Hard to believe this hasnt been addressed, cant the devs not just switch to a proper font!?

It’s not simply a matter of switching to a “proper” font. It’s a matter of reworking the entire Renoise graphical system to support such high resolutions, and to smartly use larger fonts, icons, etc. when there is available room to do so. I’m not saying that it will never happen, I’m just explaining that it’s not a simple change to make.

Can one of you point out where the muddiness is? I can’t see it at all.
I don’t see the point of retina displays - I’ve been using a 19" 1280 x 1024 monitor for over ten years, eight+ hours a day, never had a problem with the display. Why do we need a higher resolution?

Personally I think the icons/graphics looks okay.
My point is, if you want to take care of 90% of the muddiness then just fix the font, that’s where you get most bang for the buck.

I believe if you developers were using a hires display like this, you’d fix this quite quickly … it’s that bad to look at when compared to the other fonts on the system, it’s just a shame.

Anyway, hope it has some priority. happy new year.

Well you can’t see the muddiness as you aren’t on such monitor, and therefore don’t really comprehend the benefit/problem until you have experienced it first hand, I know because I thought the same thing as you.

Simply put, you don’t notice any pixelation really.

Look at this screenshot.
See the “Enable keyboard” on the VST/AUs.
On the left is how it should look and how apparently AU units look and the other is non-retina and that is how muddy fonts in Renoise looks like on a retina display. Obviously you can’t see it well on your display as it is too large, but you should get the idea why this is messy.

I can see now, Garf, but is the original image up above supposed to show the same problem? Just wondering if it was there and I was missing it.

Yes, but click the image to size it up if it isnt already, then compare the words “Enable keyboard”. The muddiness is quite apparent it certainly is when every other app but Renoise has the issue, but as said you really have to be on a hires device to care <_<

A lot of Apple computers simply come with the Retina devices and they simply just support 2000+ resolutions
1280x1024 will turn small once you tried 1980*1080

All the major DAWs support high-DPI/Retina screens now: Logic, Cubase, Studio One, Ableton Live, FL Studio, Digital Performer, Bitwig and Pro Tools. The difference in sharpness and clarity is stunning. I know full support for these types of displays is not a simple development task, but what I’d love to see in Renoise is at least early interim support for fonts. Even set to “Huge”, many areas of UI text is microscopically small and mildly fuzzy.