Wind & Rain

Hi all,

does anyone know a VST - plugin that is able to create sounds simulating rain or wind ? Sometimes I would like to use it in the background of a piece.

I guess just going out with my mic in the rain will not solve my problems :rolleyes:

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maybe xoxos nature vst’s can help you out?

Check this out

all the other stuff is cool toys too

white noise + granular synthesis should do the trick.

The wind-plugin ist quite ok. Thanks for the hint ! The rain…well…with some imagination it is ok. But sampled would be better :)

Have a look at this:

Scroll down to see the ‘Rainy Synth’ module…I’ve just had a play and it’s quite simplistic and also seems to have to play a note with the rainy sound…maybe not quite what you’re after. The bass drum module’s alright though.

White noise + filters, distortion, bitcrunchers, etc

youtube: AudioGaming AudioWind:Procedural audio helps to create a sound that match to a movie!