Window 8.1 Tablets and Renoise

I was thinking of getting a Windows 8.1 tablet, maybe an ASUS T100 or Dell Venue Pro 11. I was wondering if anyone had any experiences working with Renoise on these 8.1 tablets.

I mainly use samples and internal DSP. I understand these tablets tend to work in a similar fashion to netbooks, but I was wondering if they were any better than netbooks.


I’m not sure if Renoise will run on it at all.
Usually Tablets have the habit of using CPU architectures that Renoise does not support. I’m not sure about the Intel Atom though.

I wasn’t sure either.

I thought the Intel Atom line was used in netbooks (like the Indamixx), but I wasn’t sure how much it had changed since it’s been used in the various Windows 8.1 tablets.

Thanks for the reply.

Iv got the Surface Pro running Windows 8.1 pro and it runs Renoise fine, in fact its more powerful than my bootcamped 2007 macbook. I say the only thing I don’t like is 1920x1080 on a 10" screen is very hard to see but you can play with the DPI settings to find something more usable or plug into an external monitor.

I have a ASUS Transformer T100 (Intel Atom Bay Trail Z3740 quad core 1.33ghz if I remember, with 2gb ram), and I could use Renoise with some samples and some DSP with decent CPU usage (like 20-40% but I have to be more precise with what I used at that time).
I did not try VST tho. Anyways I think it could come handy as “notepad” when you are traveling (last time I used it I was on the train!)


i’m thinking of getting something more portable too… can’t decide though. i’m kind of over tablets/phones/touch uis unless it’s specifically implemented to be used that way. for renoise i’m thinking a high end laptop with a backlit keyb (more expensive, granted).

is it just me or does ppl in general seem to be a bit bored with tablets? for me personally i think the biggest issue is the shitty typing experience and that tacked on keybs are just not as good as the clam shell form factor.

For me Renoise on a tablet using just touch is almost impossible, I definitely need a keyboard and mouse plugged in.

yes, i can imagine that. sunvox is quite useable for sketching out stuff even on my phone actually though. if the built in generators were a bit better then that would’ve been enough for me while travelling.