Window-oriented Gui

i LOVE renoise BECAUSE of the one-windowd gui,but support for dual-monitor would be handy

I’m tellin ya… additional gui instances for each monitor :P

i use to use dual monitors, i believe the problems that arise from the quirks between the brands would play hell with renoise.

+1 for some kind of changeable gui

I think the disk.op and instruments window are WAY too small, makes my scrolling wheel worn :)
Being able to have pattern on one screen and editing samples/mixing/whatever on second screen would be very handy.
But having VST(i) windows on second screen is a big benefit as it is now.

If doing things on a laptop I can see why you only have one screen. But if working on a stationary and having at least semi-serious intentions with music or any other computer related activities, there is very little reason not to have 2 monitors when 22 inches are about €250-300 and falling. Of course, that’s my opinion.

a BIG -10 for window oriented gui

as it is now,its soo easy to change to the different viewes,and i really liked that about renoise when i had a small screen,now i use a 22 inch lcd screen and i still love the one-window gui

I agree with you. This could even be implemented without changing the core structure of the gui, the tabs (pattern editor, mixer, automation, track dsps, automation, instrument editor, sample editor, song settings) can be tabs until you drag them and then they will be new windowed. Then to place them back you can simply drag the top corner of the window back to the position on the tab pane where you want it. By doing this in this way everyone will be happy :)

It seems like you missed a good function in windows ;) try right clicking on the an empty part of the taskbar and choose “Tile windows vertically” :)

I don’t want a detachable GUI. I’ve seen em, they are ugly and clunky.

How about, instead of detachable windows, you can just duplicate Renoise and stick each “Renoise mirror” on your monitors? Nothing is detachable, but you can configure each “mirror” to show only the GUI parts you want, independant of the other.

So, ya, what he said.

You know what… even I sort of like this idea. This mirror mode could be actually useful, without having a messed-up detachable windows inside of Renoise.

strechable and detachable like adobe does
look at 1.32

Come on! If renoise could do this everyone would use it…
would be great to have one screen with the pattern editor and the rest on the other screen or strech the sample browser to find that one sample in your 80 gigs of wave files.

I can not believe that some people say they love the single-window GUI.

I think the OPTION of being able to move things around would be great. I would probably get a second monitor just so I could use those options, because there really are a number of elements in renoise that are cramped.

+1 for the stretchable (though not necessarily detachable) idea. I use Sony Vegas movie studio, and like Adobe Bridge 2 presumably, it’s a dream to resize portions of the screen like this.

Btw, the cramped instrument section problem would be massively alleviated if Renoise supported searching instrs through a meta-tagged based system as I suggested in my recent post.

It is the root of Renoise its userbase. If we would unconditionally change the layout without the old single window option, we would loose the largest portion of our userbase. So this is not just about “Some” people but practically a whole slew of em.

I like Twilek’s idea

I love the current single window view (everything under your fingertips & no crawling through multiple window mess), but that doesn’t say I don’t see room for improvement. Especially with dual monitor set-ups it would be useful to be able to split components like mentioned in this thread.

Honestly, it’s sort of a retro thing too. People seem to like that 1995 custom GUI feel for some reason. I’ve never understood the draw for such an old-looking interface, it always brings me back to Med3.0 for the Amiga before they updated the interface to have pulldown menus, but it does what I need, and it does it well :)

The problem is re-factoring the GUI into something malleable is most likely not trivial (i.e. requires a complete rewrite)

The “mirror” is a compromise, but probably easier.

I say probably, what I really mean is “i’m talking out of my ass.”

oke I don’t understand a whole slew of them.

and offcourse there should be an option to keep the old single window version.

deattachable MIXER section is enough i guess.