Windows 10: MIDI keyboard device "lost" on screensaver

Renoise 3.2

latest Win10 64 bit home

MIDI keyboard (while playing) device is lost when the screensaver kicks in.

Had to turn the keyboard off and on for it to be refound by Renault Renoise 3.2.

and after that, the device enumaration is messed up and Renoise can’t Reinitialize my soundcard.

I think it’s a problem with your energy saving settings in Windows. I’m not in front of a PC at the moment, but there is a setting to turn usb ports off to save energy. Should be something like: open the Windows device manager > right click on the usb hub device(s) > disable the option allow windows to turn off the device to save power

Seems like the Windows 10 screen saver really turns off my whole everything.
The monitor also goes into sleep rather than displaying a blank screen.
I have turned off the power saving features for my harddisk and USB devices, but still the screensaver really kind of hybernates the system it seems.
I will use a higher screensaver timeout next time I try to play live for a longer time.

The device enumeration after the USB keyboard being lost after the screensaver still has to be fixed, i.m.h.o. with a rescan of the soundcard devices button, I don’t know if it needs to be next to re-initializing the soundcard also?

It kind of crashed my Renault, although it did not quit.