Windows 64Bit: Ni Kore Not Showing Up In Renoise

I just set up a new system on my laptop, but Kore 2 is not available in Renoise.
I may have made a mistake during installation of Kore, though, as I think I changed
the installation path from “Program Files” to “Program Files (x86)”…?

I guess these two different directories is something Windows 7 relies on to differentiate
between 32 bit and 64 bit installations…?

(So, yeah, I’m running Windows 7, 64 bit version)

Thanks :)

Oh yeah, I’m greeted with this message when I start Renoise:

"The plugin folder ‘C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\Komplete 6’ is write protected.

To avoid compatibility problems with many old plugins, make sure that your current user and thus also Renoise has write access to the plugin folder and all its sub folders.

To do so, verify the security settings of the folder and give yourself the permission to write files and modify folders, or use a folder outside of the ‘Program Files’ system folder for plugins. Then rescan for plugins in Renoise please."

I tried to remove the write protection, but didn’t succeed in doing it. Btw: all other Native Instruments plugins are available (except Pro53).

Any ideas?

All right, I’ll try that, Sebastian :)

Cheers, mate!