Windows 7 64 Bit

I want to buy me a new Laptop for music making and have a couple of questions about going 64 bit Windows 7:

  1. what are the Pro’s and Con’s of goin 64 bit for renoise?
  2. Will I be able to use my current (32 bit) plugins? I heard that you need a bit bridge inside your DAW, does Renoise have this?
  3. are there things that I have to keep in mind while going from XP to Win7 other than drivers?

Thank you

Some have had success, but I haven’t been able to get Rewire to work on Vista 64. It works fine on Vista 32. 64-bit is not officially supported by Rewire. So that’s one thing.

  1. since as of now there isn’t a 64bit Renoise version, you won’t benefit at all of using Win7 64bit. Once a 64bit version will be available, you will be able to use more than the current maximum amount of RAM (2GB) in the same song.

  2. using 32bit Renoise (the only available one at the moment) you will be able to use it exactly as you do on a 32bit OS: you will be able to run 32bit plugins, and won’t be able to run 64bit plugins. when using the forecoming Renoise 64bit, you will be able to load 64bit plugins and, by using some software such as jBridge, 32bit plugins

  3. [s]not really/s. regarding Renoise strictly, be sure to have the latest version (2.5.1), since it features a fix which has been made to avoid that a recent Win7 upgrade frm causes Renoise installation to fail

(*) see above post, I didn’t know about Rewire

Nops. On 64bit machines the Renoise 32bit version will be able to use up to 3GB of memory instead of 2GB.

(On 32bit machines you can also enable up to 3GB with this hack, but this is not recommended cause it can break a lot of other programs or drivers.)

oh sorry, I didn’t know that the 2GB limitation was gone using 32bit applications on 64bit OS.

by the way, I regularly use the /3GB hack and never experienced any problem. of course, it may be just me being lucky, but I’m usually not ;)

Been using it for a while now (and the /3gb switch in the past) - not noticed any issues whatsoever although I’ll admit to not using renoise as much lately. Drivers for older hardware can be a pain in the arse, but other than that all is good. Also very pleased to hear a 64-bit Renoise is on the way :D

renoise (x86)on win7 is nice. win7 can be a ball of rubberbands though, I sometimes find myself cursing whose idea it was.

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