Windows 7: Renoise 2.8 Crashes When Switching Graphics Card

hi there!

Since I have my new laptop, I have a trouble. Renoise 2.8.0 is crashing when my computer switches the graphic card on the fly. I searched the board and found no related problem.

The error message is “Runtime Error”. Renoise closes afterwards…

My system:

Windows 7 x64
Intel HD3000 and AMD Radeon HD 6630M

The bad thing: I can not manage to disable the switching of the gfx card when I (un)plug the power supply…

Thanks :wink:

Switching graphic adapters is currently still quite an extraordinary situation, Renoise is a DirectX depending application at which you can’t pull off such tricks: what one does here is pulling the carpet away under the feet of a DirectX application on which it is completely relying.
You won’t be able to pull that off with games either, for safety reasons it is best to close all DirectX depending applications prior to unplugging the power cord, i suspect the manual of the laptop would supply a similar advise. I guess the laptop forces battery spare mode when the power is unplugged because the Radeon videocard otherwise would drain the battery in no-time.