Windows 7: Renoise Freezes When Previewing Samples

Title says it all.

I hit F4, click on a folder to open it and start scrolling through samples with the arrow keys, previewing them and Renoise will become completely unresponsive every 5 to 10 samples and has to shut down.
I’ve not used Renoise much but it didn’t seem to be doing this when I first installed it a few days ago.

I’m using directsound rather than ASIO if that makes a difference. :)

edit: 32bit windows :)

Does it really crash or freeze? How long do you wait until Renoise gets responsive again?
Often Windows 7 assumes things too early when applications don’t respond and quickly attacks you with an advisory dialog. So if it freezes, i’m wondering if it gives you back control again and after how much time…
I could recommend checking your harddrive for failures or if your system may require a de-dust action (cleaning out all your fans of dust clofts).

Btw, ASIO is a registered feature, but if you want to know:it should not differ much, there is just less latency between hitting the key to play a sample and the sample actually playing and the performance keeps up better when handling more simultaneous audio tracks.

I’ve waited for 20 seconds or so and it didn’t become responsive again. Oddly I gave it an hour and restarted renoise and it doesn’t seem to be having this problem any more. I’ll post again if it does and I’ll wait for a longer period of time to see if it becomes responsive again.

Is it? Oh ok! I wasn’t aware. I mostly been using renoise with Linux so it didn’t really matter to me. ;)
I am familiar with ASIO, I’ve been fiddling with DJ and production programs a fair amount over the last few years (more because I think they are interesting than actually to make music…)

Does this happen with a particular set of samples, maybe mp3 or ogg or other compressed formats?
If it does it would be great if you could share those sample so that we can try replicating the problem here.