windows 8 64 bits and hardsid 4 u

hello is there someone who used the hardsid 4 u with windows 8 64 bits? cause i want to buy on :wacko:

windows 8 64 … true microsoft. 8 bit technology, 64GB RAM required.


I haven’t used this combination. But some years ago I did lust after one of these:


I use both, hardsid is a fun machine but I am not overwhelmed by the performance and stability of it (I5 3550K 8GB RAM).

  • The latency from the hardsid varies from time to time so if I program delay compensation it can be off beat next load.
  • If I try to use more than one chip or alias it is guaranteed to get stuck playing a note which can not be turned off by any panic button (power cycle is the only way to shut it up)
  • If I use one chip and tweak a little bit too much the same will happen as with multiple chips or alias.
    Don’t think it is a Windows 8 problem because it behaved the same under windows 7 and XP. I bet my money on the VST-plugin as the problem, plus the sid-chips seems a bit awkward in the instruction handling for making sound and shutting up which the vst-plugin seems to fail with. Works better with GoatTracker though

It works better with Goattracker because the programmer actually knows what the Sid registers need to be approached cycle exact, but even then stuff can go hayware because it needs a different kind of interrupt communication scheme than Intel cpu’s can provide.
One can write a 6502 perfect emulator, but regarding timing it remains quite tough to get it right with real hardware, because you can’t correct the hardware whereas you can adjust software emulation :).
It’s a bit like trying to put a 1/8 toothbelt on a 1/3 cogwheel. Some fit, and some won’t, and there where it won’t fit, the toothbelt slips a tooth.