Windows: Large/Broken Mp3 Sample Loading Troubles


I used to load some samples such as entire songs in mp3, renoise often crashes displaying “Failed to stop the currently loaded sample. This might rarely happen high work load…”. Maybe i miss something to set? Crashes also occured with the previous versions.

Thanx for your help.


what exactly is the problem: this warning message, or that Renoise crashed? If Renoise crashed, could you please attach your Renoise.log file (Renoise -> Help -> “Show Log file…”). You said this happened in previous Renoise versions. Does this mean its no longer a problem? Please let us know how exactly we can help you.

Here is my log file.

Actually, when error message appears i can’t load samples as long as i restart Renoise. It happens all the time, new version of renoise hasn’t change this.


Ic. Quicktime, which we use to import MP3 files, seems to freeze sometimes when loading broken MP3 files. I’ll try to find a workaround for this, try to avoid that Renoise can not load files after that. This should already now never result into crashing Renoise?

Can the file naming convention has to do something with it? (28.3 character convention that breaks Quicktime if there are 29 or more characters used?)
In that case you could copy the file to the system temp folder and rename it to a convention that is safe before loading them.

No, this has nothing to do with this. Such files simply won’t load.

I meant renoise can’t load samples anymore after error, i’ve got to switch off renoise, but you’re right there’s no crashing.