Windows: Problem with bridged "Plugin Alliance" SPL Ranger VST

Using SPL ranger plugin alliance:

Renoise 32bit with 64bit versions of the plug (windows 7 64bit)

It seems if you try to add two instances of one of the VSTs to a track, the second instance will not initialise and crashes the plugin container. Maybe something to do with the CR copy protection and plugin bridging?

The 32bit versions of the plug work fine apart from slow startup on my ageing system, but thought it was worth reporting the plugin container giving up with 64bit.

this happens if you try to add bass ranger again

6339 spl.PNG

Same thing happens in other hosts too and when trying to load the plugin in two different hosts at the same time. As long as Renoise “survives” this, there’s not much we can do here.

Fair enough, they provide 32 and 64 so I will just stick to 32bit which works fine here.