Windows Style Mouse

Maybe I overlooked this, but I think it’s not in the program.

The mouse interface is a bit odd compared to other windows programs, as I am relatively new to trackers. I thought it would be nice to be able to click on a position in the pattern and the focus would be placed there too (just like Modplug).

The question: is this possible in Renoise?

I guess it’s no, but will it be (eventually)?

which maybe is a good choice. but i hate clicking samples with mouse
in diskOp’s. scrolling samples with keyb. would get me going.

discop scrolling:
ctrl+alt+arrows/pageup/down (right arrow = open)
also try ctrl+alt+1-4 and a-z.

shift+arrows for instrument scrolling

…and the file save thing is stupid. I’d like to set the file name when

taktik is working on an improved discop for next version, like noted elsewhere in this forum.