[???] Windows: TAL Plugins VST crash when changing arp tempo


I’m unsure if this is the plugin’s fault or not, but I can only reproduce it in 3.1 b4, not 3.0.1.

What happens?

When repeatedly changing the arp tempo in TAL U-NO-LX or TAL BassLine-101 while Renoise is playing back a song, and the plugin is playing a note, the plugin crashes.

Killing the plugin server process by hand gets Renoise back to normal. Plugin sandboxing is enabled.

How to reproduce it?

  1. Install the latest version of U-NO-LX (2.73) or BassLine-101 (1.62).
  2. Instantiate the plugin.
  3. Enable arp and sync option in the plugin.
  4. Start playback.
  5. Play different notes continuously while also continuously changing the arp tempo until Renoise starts to hang


Investigted a bit further. It seems to only occur with plugin sandboxing enabled. Can’t manage to reproduce it without it.

Tried this with the TAL Bassline 101 Demo (1.62,64bit, bridged) but can not make it hang here. Maybe this happens more likely with a specific preset?Could you share a small example song file with us?

Also how do you change the arp tempo. Via the mouse in the TAL GUI or via an “Instrument Automation” device in Renoise?

I tried it with both the default patch and others, in an otherwise empty project.

It seems to NOT be triggered by automation or notes from the pattern editor. I tried a random LFO on the arp tempo (called SEQ Tempo in the parameter list), in combination with both played notes and recorded notes.

It only seems to occur when you move the knob with the mouse, repeatedly, as fast as you can, while playing more than one note at a time on a keyboard, and only when sandboxing and sync are enabled.

So the updated reproduction checklist is:

  1. Install the latest version of U-NO-LX (2.73) or BassLine-101 (1.62).
  2. Enable plugin sandboxing.
  3. Instantiate the plugin.
  4. Enable arp and sync option in the plugin.
  5. Start playback.
  6. Play two or more notes at the same time on a MIDI keyboard while also continuously changing the arp tempo with your mouse, as fast as you can, until the plugin and Renoise start to react sluggishly, then continue for a bit longer, until the plugin and Renoise hang.

I attached the file which I tried it with. First, an empty pattern. in which I succeeded to reproduce it with the instructions above.

The second pattern is set up so those instructions are imitated by a fast LFO on the SEQ tempo parameter, and two notes played continuously, which does not trigger the problem.

Tested on two different setups now, both Windows 10 64bit with Renoise 64bit, following your description, twisted the tempo knob like mad for a long while while playing some notes, but I can’t make it freeze here. I’ve only tried that with the demo version ofBassLine-101 though.

Can anyone else replicate this and maybe give us a few more infos here?