Windows Vst Instruments Support For Linux

are there any plans for VSTi support in the linux version ? dssi or whatever it’s called ? i mean linux multimedia studio has a vst loader, why not renoise allready ?

i mean is this coming in 2010 or am i switching back windows ?? (that would really suck)

cheers all

Native VSTI support is already in the Linux version of Renoise but there are not so much native VST plugins for Linux though.
You can’t load a VST written for Windows into Linux (also not through Wine)

Since you open your topic with VSTI instead of DSSI, what do you want exactly, DSSI or VSTI?

hello vV

yeah sorry for not making myself clear enough. i’ll edit the topic title

i want to use windows vst instruments in linux. i know it’s not possible at the moment. my question is : will it be possible in the futur ? something like the LMMS VeSTige would be great.

I’m sure I’ve read about lots of people doing exactly that…

there’s this technique

but its a bit of a pain in the * to use…

im hoping renoise will handle this one day

To be honest, i’d rather see that development time spent elsewhere. I do understand you somehow, that Linux hasn’t that much plugins to choose from and you basically want more options, but i’m pretty sure you knew that before? A Windows XP license can be purchased very cheap nowadays and you could probably dual boot and sample with the new plugin grabber or render the tracks to disk as alternative, maybe they even work in something like Suns VirtualBox. This request shouldn’t be underestimated, it’s like asking the devs to write an emulated OS for you since Windows plugins have access to the whole Windows API. How long is Wine developed meanwhile and how much software is supported today, probably with huge optimizations for specific software? Think seriously about it and you’ll maybe agree that it makes not much sense at all.

It is not very hard for third party developer to write Linux VST -> Windows VST bridge. But nobody hasn’t done it yet. Why? Who knows. I for one am just too lazy. But if someone gave me something motivational, for example money to buy a new computer… I would write one and release it for everyone to use. :)

I’m sure you could maybe hack together the above mentioned tedious process and make it more comfortable to use but you’d still have some limitations as to what VSTs will work and which not. I would guess the more simpler VSTs would work but as soon as they are more complex, they would probably fail. Especially if they work with annoying C/R systems or dongles.

If that’s a serious idea from you… i have read something about those sites where you can describe your idea and start a fundraiser. Maybe if you post it around at a few Linux audio sites it would be enough to buy a new one? :)

Implementing built in support for loading windows VSTs through wine libs (like lmms do) maybe isnt a very large task. But I don’t know if it is desirable anyway. Most of the plugins i’ve tried out using jack + dssi + dssi-vst into renoise are very buggy, and would probably cause a lot of trouble. Correct me if i’m wrong.
I myself feel very limited by the lack of external plugins (effects + instruments) for Linux. DSSI implementation would be better as it could also trigger developing of more native Linux plugins that would run stable as we want them to be.