Windows xp - Windows 10

Quick question,my windows xp pc has 3 separate drives,is it possible to install windows 10 on just the c drive and maintain all the information on the other 2 drives?

Yes, it should be possible.

Not shure how to though as i only did a quick upgrade from win7, but i guess you simply have to choose the partition you want to install to. You should install it to an ssd disk if you have one of those.

thanks bud

To make sure you don’t delete anything on them by accident, you could simply unplug the two data drives, then install on the system drive (C:), then plug them back in. By upgrading from Win7 to Win10, it also kept all my personal settings, software etc. on C:, but I doubt this will be the case when moving from XP to Win10. Afaik, that’s a fresh install.