Wine Compatibility

I am a Linux user (about to switch to Mac, or anything that’s not Windows), and I like this tracker. There is only one problem: The program won’t load up in Wine. Do you think you could modify this program a bit so we can enjoy it too?

I’m sorry for all people wanting to run Renoise under Wine, but this is not the way we are exploring.

As some other times has been written on the forum, we are currently on the way for a complete Linux port. “on the way” does not mean that it is under a vague design phase: it means that we are testing it under the tangible form of a working application.

anyway, 1.9 version will not be under Linux.

Renoise on Linux… that’s not just good news for Renoise, that’s great news for Linux, too, yay!

Renoise works on Mac OS X, a BSD based OS, that’s just a few GNU politics short of a Linux system. Problem solved if that’s your new OS.

Not a linux solution, but if you are thinking of switching away from Windows. OS X is a good choice for now.


This is so great news… Thank you and everyone else on the renoise posse for doing this! :)

Man, really impressed. Renoise; not only the most advanced current tracker, but also the most ubiquitous one. Super high fives for everyone!

just curious: how will you solve VST plugins installation into linux? i can barely imagine i would put my hypersonic DVD in the CD-ROM and just watch my plugin being installed…

VST won’t work under Linux: Linux has its own plugin system, which is called LADSPA.

there are porting of VST plugins for Linux, and other ways to load VST under Linux, but none of them are recommended.