Wine: Start-up Crash With Asio ..

hey y’all,
have problems with wineasio …
energyXT works fine with asio, renoise (both 2.0.0 and 2.1.0b3) crashes on startup
Logfile is attached, thanks :)
524 RenLog.txt

I’m sorry to disappoint you but:

Renoise LOG> CrashLog: 7ee41b50: start_process +00130  
Renoise LOG> CrashLog: b7e76b67: wine_switch_to_stack +00017  

Wine environments are not officially supported.
You have to use the native Linux edition of Renoise and test with those. If any crashes appear with the native Linux version regarding native Linux stuff (also not FST and VST plugin shell environments) there is a good ground for analysing the problem further.

It looks like DirectMusic is crashing with Wine. But as Vincent said: We have a Linux port, please use this one instead. Wine is one big messy workaround.

If you want your VST plugins in Linux, then use Wine this way:

k, thanks nontheless. i’ll stick with the native linux version & wine version without asio for now. and maybe this dssi-vst thing will work somewhen in the future …