WIP: blippy on beats

XNRS Download(about 1MB, 50s long)

This is the third song I’ve started in Renoise, and I’m starting to move away from VSTIs and use more of the features of the sampler. I’m using samples from PXTONE which give it a chiptune-style sound.

I’m looking for feedback, and in particular feedback on what I can do between patterns 17 and 18 where the lead starts droning. Transitioning between different parts of the song is one of the things that’s most difficult for me right now.

Well, an mp3 would be good to check it out :slight_smile:

I finished it in the interim:


Finished XNRS.

I don’t have much experience listening to chiptune kind of stuff but this sounds all right. It’s perhaps a little bit sketchy. I like the bass & beats but the lead sound is a bit loud to my ears. Keep it up!

I had already lowered the lead sound a bit from the initial version; I think part of the problem was the headphones I was using at the time.

Also I think when it gets into the higher octaves it sounds louder so I could have brought it down a bit more when it hits those high notes. I’m not sure if there’s such a thing as ‘perceived volume’ but it makes me wonder if you could have a filter to make those adjustments automatically.

Sure, in the modulation section of the sampler you can set a keytracker to the volume so that it responds to the key changes.