Wip Involving Piano

SO… I don’t think I am actually going to continue work on this song. It was more of an experiment than anything. I say that its WIP because I plan to take the ideas that I have here and shove them into some greater overall plan with more form and development.

the entire thing is created using a set of piano samples that I discussed here:

i put all of the notes together into a renoise instrument, with a volume filter (which took forever) and then started plinking away at this little song.

Its short… but I really like where its going, and I am excited to use this type of sound in something a little more substantial.

I would love any comments or suggestions on other things I could do with it.


Here it is:::::

is it supposed to sound all wonky?
my suggestion would be: less wonkyness, more harmonious!
but you’re probably going for that wonky sound aren’t you :)

yes wonky is what I was going for

My overall plan is to start more harmonious and get crazier as the thing progresses.
This sample starts a little too abrubtly… but I’m fine with that because all this is is a sample.

ACTUALLY… its not supposed to sound like it does in the embedded flash player… If you download it it should sound a little nicer