Wip Piece

I am tracking a particularly long piece, and I feel it would be good to share the WIP. please feel free to C&C.
I’m projecting the piece will be around 30 min. when it’s done.

download here.

also, first post! :w00t:
hi sdcompo-goers!
woot. out.

Damn, this IS epic :lol: :D Awesome. Looking forward to the finished piece.

Is this inspired by Kashiwa Daisuke?


because it definitely sounds like it in the beginning, in a good way. I like this very much, and have been considering doing something in this style for quite some time.

I might just have to get started.

yeah… this is good


how does one do that glitching sound of the piano at the beginning (and elsewhere in the track)? i love that. i’ve got a lot to learn…

the track goes into so many directions and textures. very nice.

thanks for posting what you have so far.

@ mr. cold: actually, yeah, it was very much inspired by daisuke! thanks.

@ synchro: you can fake buffer overflows with a send track consisting of a -INF gainer and a 100% feedback delay. just keep them off until you want to glitch the sound, and then turn on the ultra feedback delay, and the gainer a few lines ahead depending on how long you want the “buffer” to last. when you’re done with the glitch, go ahead and just turn off both effects.
I also automate the LR delay time to simulate different buffer sizes.

this is amazing

thank you very much

I liked the track, sounds something slightly similar to Mike Oldfield.

really like the style of the sounds man!
& it’s all random, yet coherent. really enjoyed it