Wip - Roots

Suggestions? I like the part after 1:15.


I liked this till 50 second mark. After that build up, i was expecting that huge beats start playing, so i was kind of disappointed when that didnt happen. Anyhow nice start.

Good point. Is this version any better?


Sound quality on this version is terrible! Even on the original you seem to loose a lot of high end definition once the bass kicks in but on this one it seems very flat and dead all the way through (although in part may be as it is mastered a lot lower, but then again being 320kbs, whereas the other is 128ksb not sure.)

I do like elements in both. Beat at the start of the first version is nice, think the stripping down then bringing back is the right idea but not sure if quite executed correctly. The end of the second version is quite cool. Bass/noises in both are good.