[WIP]Special Dir 4 Autobackups

I thought it is a bit clearer to have the autobackuped songs in a second directory like this:


Because right now it is a bit confusing to find as many backup-folders as songs you have loaded in one and the same directory.

Since there was no new update posted for the Work In Progress highlight for february, i can say that this suggestion has already been taken in account and is realised for the new generation edition.


I have been looking forward to something like this, not to save me from Renoise crashing (as it is stable. no problem there) but rather from my own idiocy OH CRAP I JUST SPENT 3 HOURS MAKING THAT SYNTH LINE AND DIDNT SAVE WHEN I QUIT!! …or thereabouts, happens quite regularly.

Vincent, any chance there will be a little update posted?

Unfortunately, the frontpage is not as quickly changed as the Wiki.
(news items are embedded in all these slick design tags which means a lot of copy and paste actions)

I’ll look into some system that makes this easier.

Sounds great. :)

By the way, how can I prevent that the renoise-files I save using CTRL-S (without naming it previously) won’t be saved into the folder I most recently loaded my samples from? (as this happends to me). I’d rather want it saved at the first favourite renoise-module folder, if it’s possible.

Oh, alright… Maybe there is some small opensource CMS tool for that on sourceforge.net… sorry getting offtopic here…

There already exists an autosave-function, found under “Configs - Misc/vst”, where you can even choose how many backups you want it to keep + how often it should backup. I use this function to much success as me and my computer take turns crashing (i.e. I’m an idiot sometimes). :rolleyes:

Problem is, it saves in a subdir of your already saved songs location, leaving a trail of (possibly) needless backups some (me) get too lazy to clean up.

Meaning, I was about to ask for the feature hereby requested, but alas, here it is! Implemented in the next candybar of a release, wohoo!

Anyway, back to my poetry. :w00t: